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In an effort to offer you the best prices in the industry, Vacations Unlimited, either on our own or in conjunctions with, have negotiated with several major cruise lines to obtain special pricing on selected sailings. To find out more click on one of the cruise lines below: 

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Cruise prices change on almost a daily basis. Most cruise lines offer some sort of early booking discounts. After the specially negotiated prices mentioned above, the early booking discounts usually give you your best values and always give you the best selection. However, cruise lines will occasionally run special promotions that will offer extra savings. Check out our HotDeals.gif (44540 bytes)  to learn what types of hot deals might be available.        

How To Book Your Cruise

We offer two ways for you to book your cruise.

  1. Direct online booking (currently only availble for Carnival Cruise Line.  click on cruise line logo below
  2. Cruise Quote - If you are not quite sure what cruise is right for you. Or if you would like more information on one of our Special Sailings or Featured Promotions request a Cruise Quote. This  will take you to a form where we will take you step by step through the information needed to provide you with a quote or recommend a cruise that best meets your requirements. Of course you can allways call us or email us with your request.

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Vacations Unlimited represents all major cruise lines. We are members of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). We have CLIA certified Cruise Counselors on staff to help you. It is our endeavor to assist you to find the cruise that best suits your lifestyle at the best possible price.


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